Chris Dick

Licensed Immigration Adviser
IAA license number 201700791

New Zealand born Chris comes from migrant parents, and therefore has
a complete understanding of the issues that migrants face. He is an

extremely well travelled person who has an in-depth understanding of
multiple countries work environments.
 His 17 years of multinational work experience in management
sector helps him to align with the needs of employers as well
employees in a manner that has only the best outcome for both. 
He enjoys the many problem-solving aspects that can be offered in a
immigration context, and offers a bespoke and personalised services to
all of his onshore as well as offshore clients.
Having done Masters in Human-Centred Design, which has its
foundations in design and management framework he finds solutions to
problems by involving the human perspective in all steps of the
problem-solving process, while dealing with immigration matters of his
clients. Chris has also completed the post-graduate studies in New
Zealand immigration law and processes. He is always approachable
and is ever so willing to reach out to his clients.

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